Lego® presents for weeding parties

A special feast needs special gifts ... Here you will find a selection of gifts for bridal couples, groomsmen, as a thank you to the guests and much more. Or are you looking for a marriage proposal for a suitable gift? You can also find that here. All Lego® figures and bricks are printed individually and according to your wishes. Minifigures with name and wedding date will be ordered as a special thank you card or as a nice souvenir of a very special party. Let yourself be inspired by our products or send us an e-mail if we are to realize your very own idea for you.

Lego® wedding set with individual name and date

- Printed with your name and wedding date on the steps
- Delivery also possible with two men or two women
- Hair and faces are chosen according to your wishes
- All necessary information will be requested after ordering by e-mail.

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