Hall of Bricks printed minifigures for your company

Starting with an edition of
100 pieces, we create your very
own minifigure in the look and
feel of your company. Whether
as a giveaway for your customers
, as a give-away at a trade
fair or for the participants of
an event. Hardly any other
advertising material breaks
the ice so fast, because
everyone has a connection to
the small figures. Whether from
your own childhood or by the
children at home. Use this
enormous marketing power for your company. We are happy to tell you
more about the creation of your personal minifigure ...
It all starts with your own idea of what your personal figure might
look like, as well as your logo, a slogan, and the colors that suit
your business. From these ideas, we create a first proof that we
refine together to the final minifigure. At Illustrator, we first
design the upper body. This can be printed in a classic way with
a simple logo or we design a sweater, a windbreaker, a shirt or
whatever you want to make the figure look even more lively.
The front and back of the upper
body can be printed. So, as we
can see here, we can place a
small logo on a polo shirt at
the front and your logo or logo
on the back with a company slogan
or something similar. Placing
creases does not make the figure
look so static and we can for
example suggest a build approach
or a waist. Next, choose the color from a
wide range of upper bodies. You can see the complete color
palette in our shop.

Next, we breathe life into your
minifigure by giving her a face.
Each project has its own face
and we want to implement it in
the best possible way. A
computer nerd with glued
glasses is just as possible as
a squat caretaker with a cigar
in the corner of his mouth.
Whether laughing or looking
grim. Whether man, woman
or fantasy figure.
The color of the heads you can
choose as freely as the facial
expression. Whether glasses, beard or beauty spot. There are no


Now all we really need is legs and hair and your minifigure is
ready. The legs can also be selected from a wide range of colors
and, if desired, also printed. And even with the hair or the
headgear there is a large and constantly changing selection of
colors, hairstyles, hats, hats or helmets. Again, we try to meet
your requirements as best as possible ...

In the last step, we will discuss whether your figure should hold tools or similar in your hands, whether you need a printed or unprinted base and the desired packaging. By default, we deliver the figures individually packed in polybags. We also offer suitable blister packs to which we can equip you with a specially printed DinA7 insert.

And what does all the fun cost?
Of course, this can not be said flat-rate, because every project is different.

Just get in touch with us and make a very personal offer that fits into your budget.


The offer preparation including a preview of your own figure is completely free.

We would be happy to design a completely new advertising material for you.