LEGO® minifigures printed with your own logo?

Yes! We do that...

Since 2012 we have been printing LEGO® minifigures for companies all over the world as advertising material or employee and customer gifts. Unlike lighters and ballpoint pens, the well-known characters from Denmark immediately create a sparkle in the eyes of every recipient and bring back great memories.


In our online shop you can choose from pre-made figures or combine your very own minifig. From the hair to the packaging, you have countless possibilities to adapt the figure to the look and feel of your company.


Use the enormous marketing power of the characters for your company ...

Your specialist for prints on LEGO® minifigs & bricks

Starting with an edition of 100 pieces, we create your very own miniature figure in the look and feel of your company. Whether as a promotional gift for your customers, as a give-away at a trade fair or for the participants of an event. Hardly any other advertising medium breaks the ice so quickly, because everyone has a relationship to the small figures. Whether from your own childhood or through the children at home. Use this enormous marketing power for your company.


Whether racing driver, construction worker or gardener. The imagination knows no limits.


On request, we can also deliver the printed base for your figures so that the minifig have a permanent place on every desk.

Team building, employee motivation and event gifts

Gifts for employees at events, online meetings or special occasions have become more and more important in recent years. Motivate your team and be remembered by your guests.


In recent years we have designed small but fine motivation projects for a wide variety of companies all over the world, which enjoy great popularity and are protected by our employees like the apple of their own eyes.


Send your employees a nice reminder before the next online meeting ...

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Minifiguren and bricks as marketingitems?

Forget about promotional pens, ice scrapers or lighters!


All of these things end up in the trash after a short time, break or be forgotten. A printed minifigure with your logo, your business card or as a souvenir of a special event, on the other hand, immediately puts a smile on every face, because everyone has a connection to the small figures and bricks from Denmark. And unlike other promotional gifts, these remain in the recipient's household for a long time. Use the unbelievable level of awareness of these building blocks and figures for your company or your event. With individually printed bricks and minifigures and a variety of other ideas, you can clearly stand out from the competition and give your customers or guests a present that is guaranteed to stay in people's minds.


Every project is supervised by a permanent Hall of Bricks employee from the idea to the design and delivery. So you have a permanent contact person during the entire period.

So many ideas...

And whenever we find time to implement our own ideas, we design minifigures or parts that LEGO would never make. At the points where LEGO has to pay attention to "political correctness", we also like to annoy you and want to smile or encourage you to think. We don't want to discriminate against anyone with our designs, but rather open the eyes of others. I guess that's what is called "satire".


And so you can also find figures in our shop that are oriented towards current political events, or show things that everyone knows from the big city, but nobody wants to find on their doorstep ...